Victor Kropp


MacBook with default Sonoma Horizon wallpaper, iPad with default iOS 17 wallpaper, and iPhone with McLaren photo by Evgeniy Safronov

MacBook with default Sonoma Horizon wallpaper, iPad with default iOS 17 wallpaper, and iPhone with McLaren photo by Evgeniy Safronov

Updated January 25, 2024


Some gadgets I use regularly

💻 MacBook Pro M2

📱 iPhone 12 Pro

⌚️ Apple Watch SE (1st Gen)

📱 iPad Pro 11" (2020)

⌨️ Keychron Q3 with MT3 /dev/tty keycaps and Gazzew Boba U4 silent switches

🖥️ Dell 27" 4K display

🖱️ Logitech MX Master 3s

🎙️ Røde NT-USB mic

🎧 Bose QuietComfort 35, Sennheiser HD558, Airpods, Aftershokz Aeropex

🎮 Sony PlayStation 5

📖 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

📺 Apple TV 4K

🏠 Raspberry Pi 4 running Home Assistant OS for smart home

🏃 Garmin Forerunner 255

🚲 Garmin Edge 840


A selection of software I use often and can recommend.


macOS iOS Storing hundreds of passwords, syncing it between multiple devices, and sharing (some of) them with my wife.


iOS I’m not too addicted to closing all rings every day, but I enjoy monthly challenges. I also recently started evaluating Fitness+ and like it so far.


iOS A very nice looking flight tracker app. The premium costs a fortune, but a free version is good enough for occasional travels.


macOS Converts videos to animated GIFs. Just this one thing, but perfectly.

Hand Mirror

macOS Shows a preview of your web camera.

On newer MacBooks it can be open by clicking behind the notch.


iOS My smart home is running on Home Assistant, yet I use built-in Home app more often. Mainly because it is integrated in Control Center.

IntelliJ IDEA

macOS This is where I get my job done. The best IDE for Kotlin development without any questions.


macOS Menubar app which compliments default time indicator (unfortunately, it is not possible to hide it completely) and shows a small calendar on click and a list of upcoming events. Can connect to a meeting with a single click.


iOS Journal helps me to review and reflect on what’s happening in my life.

Little Snitch

macOS Helps track rogue apps accessing unwanted services. Also sometimes it is handy in development to simulate inaccessible hosts.


macOS iOS Nicely looking recipe manager with nice calendar and shopping list integration features.


macOS iOS Simple RSS reader which can work without server and sync via iCloud. And it is free.

Organic Maps

iOS This map is different from Apple or Google Maps, as it is based on free open-source OpenStreetMap data. Not very good for driving (lots of turn restrictions and speed limits are missing, for example), but great for outdoor activities, like hiking or biking.

Pixelmator Pro

macOS Easy to use and powerful image editor. Maybe it lacks some features Adobe or Affinity has, but for everyday non-professional use, it is more that enough.

All images on this page were created/edited with Pixelmator.


macOS An indispensable app for sound editing. I’ve used it to produce a (now discontinued) podcast.


macOS Free and open source app to resize and move windows via keyboard shortcuts.

Again, simple, but useful.


macOS iOS Over the years I’ve tried different music services, but every time I get back to Spotify.

Unlike video streaming, all of them have more or less the same content, but Spotify wins because of their recommendation systems and integrations.


macOS A simple yet powerful browser picker. I wanted to write my own, but discovered this. It works exactly like I want it.


My monospace language of choice is JetBrains Mono. I don’t use ligatures.

This website is built with Hugo and is hosted on Digital Ocean (referral link).