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Victor Kropp

November 2017 Conference Report

I had a chance to visit three conferences during the last month and gave talks at each event. It was a unique experience for me. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Mobile Unplugged, November 2, Cluj-Napoca

I was invited to give two talks about Kotlin at the first edition of the mobile-focused conference. Not a surprise that the whole Android track was dedicated to Kotlin, after Google I/O in May, every Android developer is talking about Kotlin.

Mobile Unplugged 2017

Mobile Unplugged 2017

I’ve started with an introduction to Kotlin and continued later with live coding session showing how to use Kotlin coroutines in Android apps. As it often happens at the end of the session Internet connection went down (and it was required for the demo).

The event was relatively small, but it has a great potential, I’ve seen passionate and motivated developers and will return there next year with pleasure.

Devoxx, November 6–10, Antwerpen

Devoxx Belgium 2017

Devoxx Belgium 2017

It was my first time at the best Java Conference, and it was awesome. Over 4000 attendees, eight tracks, and all events streamed live—this is impressive. I did a tips & tricks session on IntelliJ IDEA there. Even though I’ve been showing things I’m using daily and know very well, I was nervous standing in front of bright lights and few hundreds of spectators. Thanks to all submitted their feedback—I’ve learned a lot in this session and will improve next time.

The event itself was a blast, I’ve attended some great talks and going to watch those I missed on YouTube.

NoSlidesConf, November 25, Bologna

I liked the idea of the event immediately after I discovered it. The whole day without any slides, only code, only live demos. And sessions are not limited to any language or technology, so I’ve not only discovered two new languages but also have learned something new about cloud applications.

My session about DSLs in Kotlin was a success. I’ve unveiled the power of the language, and people have left the audience impressed. I’m going to write down my talk as a blog post a bit later, but you can already study the source code.

I recommend the event and am looking forward to the next year.

P.S. Some talk recordings are not yet ready, I will update this post as soon as they are available.


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