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Victor Kropp

JetBrains Toolbox App 1.0

Yesterday we’ve released JetBrains Toolbox App 1.0! This is a very important milestone for me. We started this project in July 2015 as a Hackathon project. And now, some one and a half years later, we reached first public release.

This is the result of a work of great team, consisting of 6 passionate people with different specialities, which perfectly blend into a single unit capable of producing slick and fast app, providing great user experience. What is also great with this team, is that we have successfully solved all the conflicts, that are inevitable in any collaborative project.

It is not only the coolest thing I’ve built, but also helped me to grow professionaly. I gave my first ever public talk sharing our experience in building this app. With the whole bunch of modern technologies and languages (I wrote C++ 10 years ago last time!), Toolbox App is a greatly engineered tool. I’m very proud to be a part of this project.

P. S. If you’re using any JetBrains' IDE and haven’t yet seen this app, try it now!


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