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Victor Kropp

Thanks plugin for Gradle

Please welcome Thanks plugin for Gradle: the simplest way to thank opensource projects you depend upon. When invoked it enumerates all projects dependencies, finds out their Github projects (if source control URL is set in .pom file) and stars all those projects.

The usage is pretty simple, just add the plugin to plugins section:

plugins {
    id "com.github.kropp.thanks" version "0.3"

Plugin is only compatible with Gradle 4.2 or newer. By default it does nothing, so it is safe to commit this change to your repository. To invoke the plugin, just call Gradle with thanks parameter.

$ ./gradlew -q thanks

-q disables auxiliary output

To access GitHub API the plugin needs a valid token. You can get one here. Only public_repo scope is required.

Then either set it to an environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN or pass to Gradle with -PGithubToken=… command line parameter.

Here is how it works on a sample project:

Thanks plugin also stars Gradle and known plugins. To add a plugin to a known plugins list, submit issue or pull request on GitHub.

Don’t forget to say thanks regularly, because new dependencies are added over time and ask your team colleagues to do the same.

PS. This plugin was inspired by PHP Composer Thanks plugin, which in turn was inspired by Rust’s cargo Thanks plugin. Thanks @artspb for a link.


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