Victor Kropp

My private garden

This website is very own private garden on the world wide web. Here I express myself, here I can experiment and do whatever I want. I enjoy improving it when I have some free time, it’s like watering plants or removing weeds from the lawn.

Here are some enhancements I implemented in the last few months.

RSS Feed

Since the death of Google Reader, I struggled to find a good replacement. Feedly didn’t work nearly as well for me. My usage of RSS declined and was replaced by Twitter.

Then came Elon Musk and killed Twitter. In the search for the new source of updates, I discovered NetNewsWire and started actively using RSS feeds again. And, of course, I made sure that my RSS feed is in order.

RSS Feed of this blog as seen in Google Chrome

RSS Feed of this blog as seen in Google Chrome

Inspired by a blog post I’ve seen somewhere, I flexed my XSLT skills and applied some CSS to my RSS. Safari users will not see this, as it will automatically suggest subscribing, but for other browsers it looks much better than raw XML.


I’ve updated the main stylesheet as well to better support dark theme and to incorporate A (more) Modern CSS Reset instead of simple outdated rules I used before.

Now and Uses

Thanks to all the participants of App Defaults sharing initiative, I discovered similar concepts which existed long ago:

Now and Uses pages

Now and Uses pages

There is a theme switcher at the bottom of every page. Previously, the system theme was always used, and it is still the default, but now it can be changed.

Theme switcher at the bottom of every page

Theme switcher at the bottom of every page

The footer has now also links to my social networks. And a nice Creative Commons logo instead of the copyright symbol.


I like collecting stuff, so since I got PlayStation several years ago, I started collecting Platinum trophies.

I don’t pursue Platinum in every game, and before starting the challenge I always check the guide on The Platinum difficulty and the amount of hours are important factors in the consideration. Of course, the game should be interesting too.

My PlayStation Platinum trophies

My PlayStation Platinum trophies

My Playroom page also lists other games I played on my PlayStation recently.


This blog post is full of screenshots, and you should take more screenshots too.


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