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June 2024 Reading List

It’s been a busy month, and I mostly read books, but still have some articles to recommend.

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How Actors Remember Their Lines

My high school teachers and university professors always taught me not to remember theorem proofs by heart, but instead remember the process, thought flow. Actors seemingly use the same trick.

When privacy expires

A showcase how important is domain ownership. As soon as you published something on the web, or shared your email, you need to maintain the domain for life.

Designing a Lego orrery

Even before finishing reading this article, I found out that Lego just released a very similar official set. This MOC is clearly superior.

Visualizing MBTA Data

This visualization is maybe ten years old already, but it is still mesmerizing. I want to find a reliable data source and re-create it for Munich S-Bahn trains.

htmx sucks

A sarcastic rant from the author of htmx himself.

App of the Month

It was a month of travels for me, and I’ve used a boatload of different traveling apps to buy tickets, book hotels, check flight statuses, find the best public transport and running routes in at least 3 different cities, or just look at the map trying to figure out where am I today.

I can’t highlight any single one of them, as my use cases are temporary by their very nature. And as soon as leave the city, I delete their transit app. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

GitHub Highlight of the Month

Github caddyserver/caddy

My webserver of choice for hobby projects and this very page. Works out of the box with minimal configuration and automatic SSL via Let’s Encrypt.

Once upon a time on Wikipedia

Wind phone

The wind phone (風の電話, kaze no denwa) is an unconnected telephone booth in Ōtsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, where visitors can hold one-way conversations with deceased loved ones.

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