Victor Kropp

January 2024 Reading List

Welcome to the second edition of my monthly reading list, where I collect articles, websites, and videos worth spending some time with.

Although January is the month of CES I haven’t seen anything interesting there. Instead, let’s take a look at some beautiful Macs.

Read it later

Happy 40th Birthday, Macintosh

A continuous stream of random Macs — just keep clicking “Show me more Macs” and that’s what you’ll get. If you’re a hard core Mac fan, this site should keep you busy for a very long time.

What idea changed how you view the world?

A Twitter thread describing a powerful idea of “High Agency.”

52 Interesting Things I Learned in 2023

I need to start writing down a similar list too.

Incentives and the Cobra Effect

Be careful, actions may have an opposite effect.

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Sam Altman of OpenAI shares the lesson he learned through experience.

App of the Month


I highlighted the Journal app in my end-of-year review, and ever since then I use it even more. What’s important, I not only write it, but also read and re-read previous entries.

Reviewing and reflecting are the key.

GitHub Highlight of the Month

Github graphicore/librebarcode

Never thought about it, but a barcode can be generated by a plain text input rendering in a specific font.

Once upon a time on Wikipedia

List of lists of lists

There are lots of different lists on Wikipedia, for example, a list of Formula 1 World Champions.

Some lists are related, so there are lists of lists, for example, a list of cities in different parts of the world.

Surely, there is also a List of lists of lists which lists lists of lists. And because it is a list of lists itself, it has a recursive link to itself.


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