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100 push-ups a day challenge

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash

In March 2024, I’ve challenged myself to do 100 (one hundred) push-ups a day every day for a month. It was a second attempt after I failed to do so in January due to illnesses and consequently poor fitness.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Start small

A hundred push-ups a day over a month gives us a total of 3000 push-ups. That’s a lot. Guiness World Records has registered a record of 3249 push-ups in an hour! I wouldn’t even try doing this.

However, after thinking a bit about 3000 repetitions, if I now get back to a hundred, it seems so much more manageable. So, let’s get even further, and divide it to ten times ten.

This scaled down challenge is definitely achievable. I can do ten push-ups, I know this for sure! All I need now is to repeat the feat ten times a day.

Strive for consistency

And to do this, I just need to make it a habit. For example, it’s pretty easy to do ten push-ups every time I stand up from my desk. I do it more than ten times per day to take in some fluids or relieve myself from other fluids.

So, now every time I get up from my desk, I do ten push-ups. And I continue doing so even after I’ve finished the challenge.

Fight boredom

At the beginning of every challenge you feel excitement, adrenaline rushes through your body. Several days later, you’re still in the very beginning, but already tired, busy, and bored.

Make it entertaining, playful. Try awarding yourself upon completion, for example.

Try variations of the task. There are many ways to do push-ups, and I tried tens of them during this month. Incorporate the challenge task into some other activity. I did some push-ups

Dale Carnegie talked about this in his books, telling stories about people bored at work who found what inspired them to continue, and made them happier.

Master through repetition

At the end of the first week (back in January), I realized that I never knew how to do push-ups before. Only after seven days a hundred repetitions each, I started feeling my body as a push-up machine.

Small additions sum up!

Don’t quit!

Find what motivates you, whether it is a row of green ticks in your calendar or improved fitness.

Take care of yourself

Don’t quit too early, but also don’t push yourself too hard. It doesn’t bring any value. For example, if you’re sick, it’s ok to skip a day or more, or even abandon the challenge altogether and start again later, as I did.

Make a habit

And now I want to try other challenges, not necessarily fitness ones, and make them a habit.

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